. Abide .

By Corey-Ann


How will you know if you do not abide?

It is in the abiding that knowledge comes. It is in the abiding where revealing happens. It is in the abiding where you know me. Where you KNOW me.

Because how can you know anything if you do not know my heart? It is in the abiding, in the hand-in-hand walking of the everyday, where you will be shown. Because how can I tell you if you are not close enough to hear? Walk beside me. Abide. It is in the abiding.

It is in the abiding where all that your soul so desperately longs for is found.

To abide. To dwell. To live in. To be all there. Your abode; where you abide.

Abide: to remain stable or fixed in a state

to conform to

to stay

to dwell

to rest

If one is to rest in something, there must exist trust. A surrender. A vulnerability. A letting go.

In the act of abiding there is trust.

If we are not abiding, perhaps we should ask what it is we are afraid of…afraid of letting go of.

Of the “purpose” found in the business? Of the glorification of the hectic? Are you afraid of where you will be led? What people will say? What you will hear? Of giving up the competition to be good enough?

What keeps you from abiding? And why?

To be whole, one must abide wholly. To be filled, one must abide fully. To abide we must let go of all the things we cling to in order to cling to the hand of the one who calls us to abide.

Stop competing. Stop running.

Let go and be filled. Abide to know. Breathe deeply of his presence. Abide.

Because without the abiding, we can do nothing.

August September Update

Aug/Sept 2019

10 Days and a Graduation

In the month of August I had the opportunity to attend a 10 day Intensive Academy to become trained in Hermeneutics and Expository Preaching!

The training was provided through the Global Proclamation Academy, and was the first All Women’s academy to be held in Central America.
It was a challenging 10 days, physically, mentally, and spiritually, and I was nervous about going into an intense biblical study program that was completely in Spanish. But it was a huge blessing!

Throughout the 10 days, we attended classes from 8am to 10pm every day, had times of fellowship, study, worship, prayer, and teachings from guest pastors. I learned so much in those 10 days, not just about the themes we studied, but I also saw God move and work in some incredible ways during our time together.
The group of women that God brought together for the training was amazing. So many incredible stories and so many beautiful testimonies about how God is moving in their lives. And we all went away encouraged the gift of new friendships and shared fellowship.
During our last day of classes, we each presented the sermons we had been preparing. Everyone had received a Bible passage, and from that text, had to apply the method we had learned and present a timed sermon.
On our final day, we had a graduation ceremony where we each signed a pact with God to continue faithfully studying, and sharing his word with others. Each student received a diploma, and we celebrated with a gradation lunch.

I’m so thankful to have had this opportunity to study with this ministry, and so excited to see God continue to use this new knowledge to bless the church and ministry!

   This month I also started my 5th year of homeschooling here at El Ayudante. This year the girls are in 4th and 2nd grade. They are so smart and are always surprising me by how much they know. They love learning, and I love being able to be their teacher! 
Prayer Requests:
  • For wisdom as we begin this new year of homeschooling
  • For God’s provision as I begin fundraising for this next year of ministry
  • For health and safety
  • For the country of Honduras as there is still political unrest throughout the country
  • For God’s continued direction in my life and ministry
  • For rain. Honduras has had little to no rain this year and the cities are nearly without water and the crops are failing.
Thank you so much for your prayers and support! You are a blessing to me and so many others as we work together to share the love of God with those around us!
If you would like to contact me, you can do so via email at: cgmusica911@gmail.com  or  coreyann@eahonduras.org

Update Time

The Past few months have been busy ones here at El Ayudante Honduras. 
We have had many activities and events in our local communities including,  Music Classes, student workshops, purity conferences, marriage ministries, short term teams, pastors conferences, and much more!

This month I had the privilege of  teaching a week long art class to our local high schoolers.
Each school year all students have a week vacation from classes to celebrate La Semana del Estudiante (The Week of the Student). This year in our learning center, we hosted a week of classes opened to our highschool students. There were 7 workshops that the students could sign up for:
Carpentry             Digital Design
Welding                Cooking
Cosmetology        Photography
During the Art class students learned about basic color psychology, warm and cool colors, Watercolor techniques, Acrylics on canvase, 3d art, zen art, and ways to combine the techniques to make unique works of art. We also talked about how art and music (everything that we allow into our mind) have power and affect us –  and about how we need to be careful about what we allow into our  hearts and minds.

The kids created some amazing art during the week and I loved seeing their creativity!

    For the 4th of July, we had our annual potluck and BBQ here on Campus. Missionaries from all over our region come and celebrate with patriotic games, food, and of course, fireworks!
It is always a great time of fellowship and fun as we spend time together celebrating.
 4th of July Celebration
Our youngest member on Campus Loves the Camera!
Translating in Church from English to Spanish
      May God Continue to bless you in all of your endeavors as you continue seeking his will for your life.
Thank you for your continued prayers and support- they mean more than you will ever know. And it is a blessing to partner with you in advancing God’s kingdom here in Honduras!
Many Blessings to all of you!

Hugging Shadows Excerpt

An excerpt from Hugging Shadows : Writings about Cultural Adjustment by Corey-Ann

“It’s a funny thing coming home – that’s the thing, it’s not home like you expect it to be. It’s empty somehow. Like the shadow of something that once was or seems like it should be. Like a feeling from a dream – You know what you expect it to feel like, and yet the reality just isn’t there. Like trying to hug a shadow.

Adjusting to culture shock and the grieving and confusion of rediscovering and dealing with the realization of the reality of the “homelessness”.  The reality that this isn’t the home it was, and it never will be. The reality that everything is forever changed.”

Love  & Culture

“To celebrate Creation is to celebrate diversity, including diversities of people. And we cannot celebrate out of ignorance. Genuine celebration comes from genuine appreciation. This requires learning and understanding………All people bear the image of God (Gen 1:27). To learn of them and from them with an opened mind is to discover how God reveals something of himself through their distinct world and life view. As we know, all people have been injured by the fall, by sin’s hold on the world. Yet, God’s grace is present in all people and in all cultures. As we submit ourselves to learning from other cultures, we catch glimpses of God’s grace that would be unavailable in our own culture. We are called to love all people. But can I truly love someone I do not, at least in some measure, understand? Love requires some understanding of its object. That means love is actually culturally defined. When we truly love others, we love them in their own context, in keeping with the way they define love.” (Duane Elmer)